Water Quality 2021

Water Quality 2021

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Independent WaTer Quality Report
Compiled by the team at Ground Truth

Herewith please find a brief report on the E.coli counts at Midmar Dam (as at 17 November 2021, when samples were taken). These results and findings indicate the water quality covering the Capital K swim event weekend, 20 – 21 November 2021.


Water samples were collected from two different sources: Site 1 being near the start line for the Capital K swim event, and Site 2 being approximately the halfway point of the swim. The samples were collected in sterilised lab bottles and analysed for E.coli by an ISO 17025 SANAS accredited water laboratory.


The results from the laboratory analysis for E.coli at the sample sites are presented in the table below.
Table 1 Summary of water quality results obtained for E.coli for November 2021

DeterminandsUnitsSite 1SIte 2
E. ColiMPN/100mL20

E.coli counts were found to be well within the Target Water Quality Range (TWQR) for full-contact recreation (i.e. swimming). Site 1 shows a count of 2, interpreted to be a very low count, where Site 2 shows a nil count. At this level of E.coli counts, the water is considered very low risk for gastrointestinal illness for swimming, where risk for illness is not expected to exceed <8 illnesses/1 000 swimmers.

Based on these E.coli counts at the sampled sites at Midmar Dam, there is no cause for concern, and in fact the level at Site 2 is consistent with potable drinking water, assessed from a microbiological risk perspective.